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What is causing my pain?

There are a number of conditions that can cause pain, among them are injuries, disc herniations, prior surgeries, nerve damage, cancer, and so on. Our first task will be to diagnose your pain and determine its likely cause.

What kinds of treatment do you prescribe?

Whether you are just beginning pain treatment or have already tried several therapies, there are many options available to treat pain, from over-the-counter medicines, injection type therapy, physical therapy, to implanted medical devices, or any combination of these. Every patient is unique and what works for one person may not work for another. That’s why we will derive a treatment plan that addresses your needs specifically.

How long does the treatment take?

It depends on what approach is taken. A single injection takes only a few minutes to administer and may last for months. Medications and physical therapy may require weeks or months to help.

Will I be 100% pain free?

We can never guarantee you will be without pain. Many people become pain free; most find their pain sufficiently reduced that they are able to live normal lives.

My doctor prescribed opiates when over-the-counter medicines weren’t effective. Now those don’t help the pain, either. Do I have any other options?

Yes, there are other options. Of course, we need to perform a complete exam to accurately diagnose your condition and prescribe treatment. In addition of medications, you may be a candidate for specialized pain therapies such as spinal cord stimulation that relieves pain using a low current electrical field over the spinal cord. Another advanced treatment involved a pain pump, a device that delivers medication directly to the spinal fluid. Most patients find that medication delivered intrathecally (spinal fluid) is more effective and causes fewer side effects than oral medications because the required dosage is only a fraction of the dose required for oral administration.

I’ve heard about neurostimulators for treating pain. What are they?

Neurostimulators are implanted devices that send mild electrical impulses to the spine. Pain is alleviated because the impulses mask the perception of pain messages to the brain.

Are these treatments reversible?

Yes. Unlike some surgeries, these treatments are reversible – your doctor can turn off or remove the system. In addition, you can try these therapies temporarily before you receive a permanent implant.

Does insurance cover these procedures?

Most pain management procedures are covered by insurance. We will verify coverage for any prescribed procedure beforehand.

Will my implanted device set off a metal detector alarm?

A metal detector may detect your implanted device. You will have an ID card to carry with you to explain that you have a medical device implant.

Can I have an X-Ray or MRI?

X-ray and CT scans are acceptable procedures; however, please check with your doctor before undergoing an MRI.

Do microwaves interfere with implanted devices?


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